Vertical machines

Rapid, reliable, product-oriented and user-friendly. The packaging machines of Helmut Boss are used
wherever vacuum packaging plays an important role in commercial processes.

Boss Vakuum company brochure (PDF file)

Int. dimensions: 440x445x180 mm
Seal length: 420 mm
Vacuum pump: 21 m³/h


Int. dimensions: 850 x 670 x 200 mm
Seal length: 810 mm
Vacuum pump: 100 m³/h

Int. dimensions: 530x545x185 mm
Seal length: 520 mm
Vacuum pump: 25 m³/h

Int. dimensions: 740 x 860 x 230 mm
Seal length: 630 mm
Vacuum pump: 100 / 160 m3/h

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