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Boss vacuum machines are suitable for a wide range of applications. In general, we are specialized in commercial applications and offer solutions for the following areas: butchery, gastronomy, food retail, etc. In order to find the right vacuum machine for your application, we are at your disposal by telephone or for a personal visit.

Boss Vacuum offers a maximum selection of different models. These generally differ in vacuum chamber sizes and pump performance. Further equipment criteria are: Ease of operation and cleaning, stainless steel processing and high process reliability.

Get an overview of our different machine categories:

Tabletop machines

A vacuum packaging machine, as a tabletop model, is always a good choice as an entry into vacuum packaging technology or if there is limited space available such as directly in a retail store, in the kitchen or on a food trailer.

Floorstanding machines

Our single chamber floorstanding models are available with a variety of features. Their ergonomic construction style makes them easy to use and ensures optimal packaging results.

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Double Chamber Machines

Being equipped with two vacuum chambers allows a double chamber machine to achieve very high packaging performance. While in one chamber, the packaging cycle takes place automatically, the second chamber can be loaded. This results in optimized productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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Automatic vacuummachines

Optimized work processes have varying requirements, that‘s why our configuration options are diverse! The modular construction style of Boss Vakuum packaging lines enables them to be integrated into existing systems and can thus be adapted to every individual need. This is how we achieve maximum flexibility while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Vertical Machines & Special purpose

Our vertical machines are employed whenever vertical packaging is required. This type of machine allows for the possibility of flexible chamber depths and also heights. Based on our extensive experience, we can accommodate customers special requests at any time and find a tailor-made packaging solution.

In a telephone call you have the possibility to describe your request to us. We will try to find out which of our vacuum machines is best suited for your application. The interaction of packaging performance measured by cycle time and number of bags is of central importance. We will be happy to determine the optimum economic efficiency on the basis of a vacuum bag capacity calculation.

After we have analysed your requirements, we will offer you a visit to your premises. This gives you the opportunity to have the ideal vacuum device demonstrated to you.

You can reach us by telephone: +49 (0) 6172 457097 We look forward to hearing from you!
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