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Internal chamber dimensions:
350 x 400 x 125 / 180 mm

External dimensions:
430 x 550 x 340 / 400 mm

Seal length:
320 mm

Vacuum pump:
10 m³/h or 16 m³/h

48 kg or 50 kg

Power supply:
48 kg or 50 kg

Welding bar


  • High-quality Busch vacuum pump
  • Deep-drawn vacuumchamber
  • Maintenance construction
  • Cable-free welding-bar construction
  • Starter kit with consumables (teflon tape, welding wire) included

suitable for:

Feature equipment MAX

Seal welding

Simple cut-off seal weld

Our simple cut-off seal weld consists of two parallel welding wires: The inside flat surface wire seals the bag, while the outer round profile wire cuts off excess bag material.


Double seam weld

Our double-seam weld seals the bag with an extra-wide flat-profile wire that creates two parallel weld seams. This weld guarantees redundant reliability of the seal.




  • Dome lid (usable height 180 mm) 
  • Gassing unit with 2 nozzles 
  • Undercarriage with storage space (stainless steel)
  • Slanted bag holder for packaging of liquids (stainless steel)
  • Suction device for standardized catering boxes
  • Pump 16 m³/h, 1 phase, 230 V, 50 Hz, A.C.


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