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Many companies use our vacuum equipment to store metallic products dry and oxygen-free. For this purpose, vacuum products at risk of oxidation are packed in so-called composite bags or barrier layer bags.

The packaging process with a vacuum device is uncomplicated and guarantees safe storage conditions. In addition to classical vacuuming, the sealed edge pouch/vacuum pouch can also be rinsed with nitrogen. The inert properties of the protective gas and the reduced contact pressure are ideal for long-term storage.

Frequent applications can be found in the following categories: Museums, electronics industry, metal processing industry, wafer storage, silicon packaging, cleanroom application, cleanroom, etc. High-quality stainless steel chambers and reliable welding systems are the basis of a reliable vacuum unit.

Among the best-selling vacuum machines of this type are the following: You can reach us by telephone: +49 (0) 6172 457097.

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MAX 42-S

Our compact vacuum table machine is ideal for vacuum packaging of all products in the food sector, catering and fish-meat productions.

As a manufacturer of vacuum machines, we are able to adapt the vacuum devices in size. The following film shows which sizes are possible:

Through a bi-active sealing, we have the possibility to also weld particularly thick composite materials. These can be installed in all vacuum equipment equipped with a stainless steel lid.

A perfect temperature transfer ensures a high-quality sealing result. The high contact pressure ensures reliable welding even with light impurities. The position of the welding rods is optimally coordinated so that nothing stands in the way of safe long-term storage.

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