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V 50 VA

Internal chamber dimensions:
530 x 545 x 185 mm

External dimensions:
650 x 700 x 1530 mm

Seal length:
520 mm

Vacuum pump:
25 m³/h or 63 m³/h

150 kg or 170 kg

Power supply:
3 phases, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
(Special voltages on request)

Welding bar


  • High-quality Busch vacuum pump
  • Robust stainless-steel door – with inspection window upon request
  • High pressure seal welding
  • Adjustable insert plate for height adjustment

suitable for:

Feature Equipment V 50 VA

Control system Z 3000

  • Sensor control with 99 program slots
  • H2O sensor for automatic packaging of liquids
  • “Red-Meat-Programm“, Step-by-step vacuum function and cyclical vacuum
  • Seal welding systems separately controllable
  • Service program
  • Spray-water protected version

Seal welding

Double seam weld

Our double-seam weld seals the bag with an extra-wide flat-profile wire that creates two parallel weld seams. This weld guarantees redundant reliability of the seal.



Over-/ under seal weld

Our dual action weld seals the bag from above and below. This weld type is especially suitable for bags with high material density such as aluminum bags.


  • Gassing unit with 3 nozzles
  • Over-/ under seal weld (not possible in combination with separately adjustable cut-off weld)
  • Separately adjustable cut-off weld 
  • More powerful pump with 63 m³/h, 3 phases, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
  • Soft ventilation
  • Lid inspection window
  • Dust filter to protect vacuum pump
  • Bag support box (stainless steel)
  • Insertion plate (height-adjustable)
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