Series introduction

Tabletop machines Max
Double Chamber Machines Titan X
Vacuum nitrogen cabinet AVS
Automatic tray sealer BS 47
Floorstanding machines Max F
Shrink-dip Tank ATT 86
Traysealing machines BS ECO, BASIC or PRO

Initial start-up

Start-Up MAX series
Start up BS Serie

Examples of use

Electronic Packaging
Suction Device of GN
Sealing device BS 5 ECO for packing asparagus and vegetables
Suitable for Selling in Grocery Retail
For sale in farm shops

BOSS TV media library


Perfect seal, high-pressure weld, vacuum pumps made by Busch, and a well developed customer service department.

These are just some aspects that we value during production and service of a vaccum packaging machine.


Exciting and informative Videos from BOSS Vakuum!

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