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Titan-F 1000 A Conveyor belt machine

Internal chamber dimensions:
1015 x 675 x 210/280 mm

External dimensions:
1330 x 1000 x 1100 mm

Seal length:
550 / 980 mm

Vacuum pump:
160, 250 oder 300 m³/ h

ca. 350 / 420 kg

Power supply:
3 Phasen, 230/400 V, 50 Hz
(Special voltages on request)

Welding bar


  • High-quality Busch vacuum pump
  • Platform-style construction for easy cleaning
  • High pressure seal welding 
  • Robust stainless steel lid – with inspection window upon request
  • Automatic product removal using height adjustable conveyor belt

suitable for:

Feature Equipment TITAN-F 1000 A

Control system Z 3000

  • Sensor control with 99 program slots
  • H2O sensor for automatic packaging of liquids
  • “Red-Meat-Programm“, Step-by-step vacuum function and cyclical vacuum
  • Seal welding systems separately controllable
  • Service program
  • Spray-water protected version

Seal welding

Double seam weld

Our double-seam weld seals the bag with an extra-wide flat-profile wire that creates two parallel weld seams. This weld guarantees redundant reliability of the seal.



Separately adjustable cut-off weld

This weld is similar to the simple cut-off weld with the difference that the heating duration of each wire is separately adjustable. This feature is especially important for the processing of shrinkable bags. If required, the cutoff wire can be deactivated.

Simple cut-off seal weld

Our simple cut-off seal weld consists of two parallel welding wires: The inside flat surface wire seals the bag, while the outer round profile wire cuts off excess bag material.


Over-/ under seal weld

Our dual action weld seals the bag from above and below. This weld type is especially suitable for bags with high material density such as aluminum bags.


  • Gassing unit with long stainless steel nozzles (short bar: 3 / long bar: 5 )
  • Simple cut-off seal weld 
  • Separately adjustable cut-off weld 
  • Over-/under seal wled (not possible in combination with separately adjustable cut-off seal)
  • Soft ventilation
  • Lid inspection window
  • Higher performance vacuum pump with 250 m³/h, 3 phases, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, D.C.
  • Higher performance vacuum pump with 300 m³/h, 3 phases, 230/400 V, 50 Hz, D.C.
  • Lid automation
  • Movable bridging rolling track at the right side of the machine
  • External control unit positioned onto a lateral or a rear stainless steel arm
  • Lid-volume reduction (3 specially shaped insertion plates with stainless steel fastenings)
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