Shrink dip tank ATT 46 A

Immersion rack size

600 x 400 mm

Immersion depth

250 mm

External dimensions

700 x 670 x 1450 mm


110 kg

Power connection

3 phases, 230 V / 400 V, 50 Hz, 9,5 kW
Separate shrink dip tank not appropriate for packaging lines.

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Shrink dip tank ATT 46 A

The hot water dip tank ATT 46 A has no automatic product flow and is therefore unsuitable for packaging lines. It is set up separately. The finished vacuum packs are placed in the dip tank by hand. Above the dip tank is a large pushbutton to initiate the dip process. The ATT 46 A is supplied as a plug-in unit made of robust stainless steel.


Dimensions of the
dip tank ATT 46 A

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