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New automatic shrink tank series

New automatic diving tank series 


In this video the new generation of shrink tanks is presented. The ATT 1080 and ATT 1600 shrink tanks offer a professional entry into automatic shrink bag packaging. Space-saving - robust - longer lasting!For more than 30 years, Boss has been developing "on top" shrink systems (shrinking and drying of packaging products) that offer a cost-effective entry into packaging automation. The modular design of a packaging line ensures an uninterrupted packaging process and is adaptable to very individual needs of each customer.

In this video, two different sizes of shrink tanks are presented. The ATT 1080 and ATT 1600 shrink tanks offer a professional entry into automatic shrink wrapping. A generous dipping basket and the automatically controlled dipping mechanism guarantee reliable shrink results. A shrink tank is especially suitable for companies with high capacities. The shrink process involves immersing the vacuum-packed product in an immersion basket under water, known as "shrinking the bag in a water bath". The near-boiling water causes the film to cling to the product. The powerful heating elements and the uninterrupted transport ensure an optimal packaging result.

Get an overview of our packaging lines. Each machine is individually assembled for you. Our modular design means maximum flexibility with optimum economy for you. All machines are made of stainless steel and have programmable sensor controls. The standard high-pressure welding guarantees high-quality sealing results.

Product advantages of "shrink & dry

  • space-saving
  • longer durability
  • robust protection
  • enhancement of product appearance
  • crystal clear transparency
  • higher abrasion and impact resistance


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