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Dimensiones internas:
850 x 615 x 225 mm*

Dimensiones exteriores:
970 x 870 x 1070 mm*

Longitud de sellado:
520 mm | 760 mm

Bomba de vacío:
63 m³/h | 100 m³/h

216 kg | 234 kg

Conexión de corriente:
3 Phasen, 230 / 400 V, 50 Hz**
(Tensiones especiales bajo pedido)

* Width x depth x height

** Special voltage on request

All dimensions are approximate,

technical changes reserved

Barras de sellado


  • High quality vacuum pump
  • Sealing by pressure hoses in the lid. Can be supported with compressed air.
  • High quality and stable lid
  • 4 robust stainless steel rollers, 2 of them lockable
  • Initial equipment Consumables (Teflon tape, wire) included

adecuado para:

Equipment BASIC-F 700

Seal welding

Simple cut-off seal weld

Our simple cut-off seal weld consists of two parallel welding wires: The inside flat surface wire seals the bag, while the outer round profile wire cuts off excess bag material.


Separately adjustable cut-off weld

This weld is similar to the simple cut-off weld with the difference that the heating duration of each wire is separately adjustable. This feature is especially important for the processing of shrinkable bags. If required, the cutoff wire can be deactivated.

Double seam weld

Our double-seam weld seals the bag with an extra-wide flat-profile wire that creates two parallel weld seams. This weld guarantees redundant reliability of the seal.



Over-/ under seal weld

Our dual action weld seals the bag from above and below. This weld type is especially suitable for bags with high material density such as aluminum bags.


  • Pump 100 m³/h (Busch)
  • Simple separation welding
  • Separately adjustable separation welding or top / bottom welding
  • Volume reduction in the lid 
  • Gas flushing, 4x3 nozzles
  • Soft ventilation
  • Set of wearing parts (Teflon, wire, lid gasket, silicone for pressure bar)
  • Installation and instruction on site
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