Vacuum packaging

Precision and safety are top priorities for us.
Our stainless-steel machines ensure a perfect vacuum
in the packaging of various types of goods.

Vacuum packaging in a clean-room

Vacuum packaging under clean-room conditions protects your high-quality
electronic components from external influences such as oxidation,
moisture, corrosion and UV radiation.

State-of-the-art vacuum technology

Fast, reliable, product-specific and user-friendly. Optimize your production
processes with a vacuum packaging solution from BOSS. Standard machines
with a wide range of options (from small tabletop devices through to an entire
packaging line), special-purpose machinery for special applications.

Vacuum-packaged food

Also use our experience in solving packaging problems in the
fields of electronics, chemistry, technology and many more.
BOSS - expertise in vacuum technology for over 50 years!

Powerful and reliable
shrinking process

Because of its efficient
continuous operation process
the new shrink tank ATT 1600
is designed to reach
a high packaging output.

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