Options and accessories

The individual adaptation of our vacuum machines to
your application is of central importance to the success of
your packaging solution.

Z 2000 control system

The time-driven Z 2000 digital control system features: very simple operation · large vacuum display · Quick Stop for packaging of liquids · continuous operation service button

Z 3000 control system

The Z 3000 programmable sensor control has: very simple operation · precise vacuum and gas sensor · 99 memory spaces · vacuum up to evaporating point · slow air release · step vacuum, so that trapped air can escape from the product · Quick Stop · gas purging = multiple vacuuming process and gas filling · continuous operation service button · splashproof

Export packaging

Vacuum packaging machines are packed in a robust box for export, which is fastened to a wooden pallet using sturdy straps.

Wearing parts set

The wearing parts set contains Teflon and sealing wire for supply to the sealing bar as well as a lid seal and silicone profile for the pressure bars.

Suction device

The suction device for gastronorm containers has the following advantages: Stainless steel design · protective device so that none of the product can be sucked into the vacuum pump · available for all tabletop models

Mobile machine support

Mobile machine supports are available for all tabletop models. They have the following advantages: Elegant · robust · integrated bag holder compartment · rollers with locking device · made entirely of stainless steel

Sunk keys

The sunk key facilitates the packaging of liquids. Slanted, adjustable bag holders · robust · made entirely of stainless steel

Transparent panel

A transparent panel is available for all "Titan models".

Gas flush device

All machines can be fitted with a gas flush device if required.

Sealing systems

Standard double sealing

This system is used in 90% of our vacuum packaging machines. The double seam ensures a reliable sealing of the vacuum bag.

Cut-off sealing

In this system the excess length of the bag is cut off. During the sealing process two sealing seams are created – a single sealing seam and the cut-off sealing seam.

Top/bottom sealing

In this system, the bag is sealed from two sides. This system is used when particularly thick vacuum bags or aluminium bags have to be sealed.

Separately adjustable cut-off sealing

In this system the excess length of the bag is cut off. It is possible to adjust the temperature of the separating and sealing wire (A - B) separately. This is important in shrink bags, for example. Only available for machines with the Z 3000 control system.

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