Dryer T 1600 A

Max. product size

Width 700 mm / Height 300 mm / Length as requested

External dimensions

Length 1,6 m (1,9 m with roller tracks at entrance and exit)

Connection for waste air

diameter: 90 mm


approx. 460 kg

Power connection

3 x 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 7 kW (or as requested)


  • special voltages upon request

Maximum size of product

Width: 700mm
Height: 300mm
*Any length



  • Infinitely variable regulation of processing tempo
  • Passage without drying function
  • Flow of work alternatively from left to right or from right to left

Further equipment features

  • Ventilator for vapour escape
  • Photocell detection of product


  • Automatic product processing system
  • Robust technology in stylish finish made of extremely high-quality stainless steel
  • The dryer T 1600 A is coordinated optimally with the shrink tunnel ATT 1600 – optical as well as technical.
  • Conveyor belt easy and quick to remove
  • Height-adjustable feet



The high-performance fan of the dryer T 1600 A in combination with Airknives allow an optimum drying. The Airknives lead an extremely sharp air curtain onto the wet shrink packages to wipe off the water. Because of this method the complicated automatic height adjustment technique for air jets has become unnecessary. Direction and pressure of the air curtain are easily to vary.

Cleaning and maintenance

The four side coverings of the machine table are easy-to-open to be able to execute all cleaning and maintenance tasks in no time. The hood with its large doors allows an easy and well access to the inside of the dryer. It is possible to remove the conveyor without using any tools within a few seconds.


The completely shrinked vacuum packages run directly out of the shrink tunnel ATT 1600 onto the in-feed roller track of the dryer T 1600 A. Both machines are coordinated in an ideal way. Strong air jets from above and from below cause a fast and effi cient drying of the shrink packages.

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