Electric clipping device ESC

The BOSS electrical clipping device ESC 100 T is an
easy-to-operate, robust machine made of stainless
steel with an electric tightening system.

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Clipping device

The meat industry uses very expensive machines that are unaffordable to artisan butchers for the production of cooked and cured products in fibrous casings.

The use of our cost-effective special devices makes it possible for even small and medium-sized companies to work according to the same procedures and thus increase their profits.

The advantages to you

  • Low manufacturing losses
  • Curing, cooking, smoking of cured products in a single process
  • Hygienically packed immediately
  • Cooking moulds are not needed
  • Uniform slices, fewer cuts

Recommended production quantity

It is recommended for a production quantity of 20 or more hams per week.

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