BOSS clipping devices and filling aids

The meat industry uses very expensive machines that are unaffordable to artisan butchers for the production of cooked and cured products in fibrous casings.

The use of our cost-effective special devices makes it possible for even small and medium-sized companies to work according to the same procedures and thus increase their profits.

Enjoy the advantages of the cooked and cured product in a fibrous casing. Even for small production quantities of up to 20 hams per week ...

Cured and shaped boiled ham, pieces for sliced ham, etc. are pushed into the fibrous casings (which have been soaked for 30 minutes) with the aid of BOSS filling aids.

The pieces of meat are then pressed tightly into the cases with the aid of a BOSS clipping device so no gaps remain into which fat or meat juices could settle.

Convenient ham production using electric clamping device – recommended for production quantities above 20 units per week.

When the meat has been pressed down sufficiently, the casings are sealed using a broad clip.

The cooked and cured product that has been pressed into the fibrous casing is then cooked in the chamber or boiler and then smoked if required. The cooking and smoking can take place with the casing suspended.

The practical filling aid is available for three different calibres.

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