Shrink dip tanks

Extend the shelf life of your products and at the same time produce attractive sales packaging. Depending upon your preferred packaging process, you can opt for a dip tank with or without automatic product processing. Each dip tank can be individually adapted to your requirements and flexibly set up. All BOSS dip tanks can be fitted with an extractor hood.

Made in Germany

Dip basket size: 600 x 400 mm
Immersion depth: 250 mm
Ext. dimensions: 700x670x1450 mm

Dip basket size: 700 x 650 mm
Immersion depth: 250 mm
Ext. dimensions: 980x1320x1500 mm

Max. product size: 700 mm
Max. product height: 300 mm
Ext. dimensions: 1600 x 1250 x 1910 mm

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