Dry Packs in accordance with IPC/Jedec 33b

For the packaging of highly sensitive electronic components that have been classified using MSL levels we use so-called Moisture Barrier Bags. These comply with the guidelines stipulated in IPC/JSTD 33b with regard to vapour permeability and ESD category. The same applies to drying agents and moisture indicators.

You can find further information in the BOSS vacuum bag shop. You can also order vacuum bags directly from there.

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Moisture Barrier Bags

Moisture-tight aluminium/plastic compound bags for the storage of moisture-sensitive materials: printed-circuit boards, static-sensitive materials, precision tools, etc.


In accordance with IPC/Jedec 33b standard. Moisture-sensitive test strips with different markings available. Cobalt-free!

Drying agent

To reduce the moisture in the moisture barrier bags. Hygroscopic minerals absorb the residual moisture and thus ensure a reliable transport packaging.

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