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We have been producing vacuum packaging machines for more than 50 years now.

That means great experience! The Helmut Boss Verpackungsmaschinen Company is run by family owners who have always placed particular emphasis on the outstanding quality of their vacuum packaging machines. The use of high-quality components and the control of production processes create an optimum combination of price and quality.

By a continual communication with our customers in the fields of butchery, meat industry, restaurant and catering, food retail trade and so on, we are able to adapt the design of our vacuum packaging machines to the wishes of our customers.

Please find here examples of all main categories of our vacuum packaging machines:

Vacuum packaging machines

MAX 42 S

Vacuum packaging machines MAX 42 S

Vacuum packaging machines


Vacuum packaging machines TITAN F 800

To demonstrate the packaging process of vacuum packaging machines to you, we show you the routine of vacuum packers in the following video.

Vacuum packaging machines Titan X 950 A

In this video you see one of our biggest vacuum packaging machines. This machine is combined with a shrink dip tank and a dryer to build an automatic packaging line. Automatic packaging lines of this kind are used by meat cutting companies to pack in vacuum bags / shrinking vacuum bags.

Occasionally, this type of vacuum packaging machines is also used in big butcheries or in cheese producing companies to vacuum pack cheese (parts, slices) or whole cheese loafs.

We have sales and service centers in many regions worldwide.

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