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Asked about the main advantage of a vacuum packaging machine more than 99% would probably say "extension of shelf life".

If we look at the past this is obviously true. In the fifties of the last century the first butchers started to use vacuum packaging to prolong the shelf life. By evacuating the oxygen we slow down the growth of germs which are responsible for the spoilage of meat.

First the vacuum packaging machine sucks off the air, then seals the evacuated vacuum bag and finally lets the air flow back into the vacuum chamber. The result is a durable and attractive sales package which is also ideal for transportation. The butcher has the additional advantage that he can ripen the meat in the sealed vacuum bag. In the meanwhile even in so-called "Dry Shield bags". The moisture stays in the vacuum package and isn`t lost.

From small to big - we have the right vacuum machine for your requirements:

Vacuum packaging machine


Vacuum packaging machine MINI

Vacuum packaging machine

MAX F 46

Vacuum packaging machine MAX F 46

We like to invite you to visit our You Tube Channel. There you will find a variety of videos showing different examples of use.

Please find here - as an example - the video of our vacuum packaging machine Max F 46:

Vacuum packaging machine MAX 46

In our Boss vacuum bag shop you will find important information concerning commodities and different qualities of vacuum bags. You can choose between different bag materials and sizes. In our product overview you will find different vacuum bags. These are explained in detail by data sheets and technical descriptions.

On the pages showing the single vacuum machines you will also find important information. Basic information is available on the overall view of our vacuum packers.

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