Vacuum packaging

We work together with a reliable network of outside suppliers.
That enables us to produce vacuum packaging machines ideal for the special
vacuum packagingrequirements of the customers.

Many of those custom-built models which were initially produced as vacuum packaging solution for single customers, were subsequently included in our standard machine range. We deliver vacuum machines for very uncommon applications as: vacuum packaging of tins (packaging of caviar), of natural and artificial skins, of trickling goods, of nuts (pine nuts, pistachios, walnuts), of asparagus, of peeled potatoes, of military products (e.g. ammunition) and much more. To vacuum pack these various products we use different vacuum machines with low lids, vacuum devices made from stainless steel type V4A, or vertical vacuum packers.

Often the ideas of our customers start off new projects. The direct contact and exchange with the customer enable us to reduce the complexity of the requirements. In coordination with our designing engineers we then build a vacuum packer which is perfect for the vacuum packaging of the products of our customer.

How different the possible applications are you may see with the help of the following examples:

Vacuum machine

NE 800 E2

Vakuummaschine NE 800 E2


VD 50

Dosenverschlussmaschine VD 50

You can watch a You Tube video showing a small selection of the varying fields of use of vacuum packaging:

Vacuum packaging

In addition to our serial production of vacuum packaging machines it has always been important for us to keep an open mind on new developments. For the last 50 years the family owners have always put great emphasis on the production of machines tailored to the special requirements of our customers.

We would be glad to give you advice and support in finding an individual vacuum packaging solution.

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