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Industrial vacuum packaging with BOSS vacuum machines

As a producer of twin-chamber vacuum machines the Boss Company is specialized in designing of heavy-duty vacuum machines. For that we make use of 5 different standard machines. But our factory is also fully-equipped to offer custom-built models. Thus, you have the possibility to get your vacuum machine tailored to your individual requirements. The most important criterion of success is the best possible vacuum package.

The optimum combination of size of the vacuum bag, length of the sealing bar and distance between the sealing bars in the chamber allows us to find the perfect configuration of your vacuum packer.

Perfect vacuum packaging with twin-chamber vacuum machines:

Vacuum machines


Vacuum machines TITAN X 480

Vacuum machines


Vacuum machines TITAN X 950

Watch a short video showing the design of our machinery.

Vacuum machine TITAN X 950

The capacity of our vacuum machines allows an output of up to 2.000 vacuum bags per hour. Generally, we reckon with 2-3 cycles per minute. The bigger the vacuum pump, the faster the evacuation process. The longer the sealing bar, the higher the output of vacuum packs per minute. However it must be said that the length of the sealing systems is more important than the performance of the vacuum pump.

In our show room in Bad Homburg you can see a variety of vacuum machines. Alternatively, we would be glad to visit you in your own business premises.

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