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Frequently the question comes up concerning
the difference between professional vacuum devices
and household vacuum devices.

Generally, it is necessary to have a vacuum of 99% to prolong the shelf life of meat products. To reach this professional vacuum devices use a vacuum chamber. This vacuum chamber is evacuated by a vacuum pump. The well-known vacuum pressure around the vacuumed product occurs after the completed vacuum process. Thus, the oxygen which is included in the air can be sucked off without any problem and a vacuum value of up to 99,8% is possible.

When using a household vacuum device the vacuum bag is pressed around the product in the course of the evacuation process. The result is that the air cannot be sucked off sufficiently. A prolongation of shelf life can only be reached when storing beneath 0 Celsius. The maximum vacuum value of a household vacuum device is 95% and has no significant influence on the reduction of growth of germs.

Especially for small companies we recommend the following tabletop vacuum devices:

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Vacuum device MAX

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Many companies have to focus on economic aspects. Particularly as far as consumptive goods are concerned the long-term costs are quite often overlooked. By using BOSS vacuum packers high costs for vacuum bags are a thing of the past.

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