Vacuum bag sealers

In many fields of the contemporary packaging industry vacuum bag sealers
(also named: vacuum machines, vacuum devices, vacuum packaging machines, vacuum packers) play an important role.

Especially in the following fields of application the vacuum packaging is common usage: butchery, retail trade, catering and large kitchen (e.g. restaurant, canteen), cheese production, laboratory, pharmaceutics and medicine, engineering, metal processing... etc. Particularly for craft businesses with small or medium-sized production series a vacuum packer is an ideal solution to produce the necessary transport packages. Flexibility and adaptability of the vacuum packers are important features of this kind of packaging machines.

Converting a vacuum machine is not necessary. The size of the vacuum package is defined by the size of the vacuum bag. The vacuum bag is just put onto the sealing bar and - after the end of the complete vacuum process - sealed. As standard our table-top vacuum packers are equipped with cut-off sealing. This system neatly cuts off the excess length of the vacuum bag, and the result is an attractive sales packaging.

The following vacuum bag sealers can be used to produce vacuum packages:

Vacuum bag sealers

TITAN F 1000

Vacuum bag sealers F 1000

Vacuum bag sealers

MAX F 50

Vacuum bag sealers F 50

Have a look at the many examples of use in our You Tube channel.

Vacuum bag sealers

The high acceptance of demanding customers brought the vacuum bag sealers to its wide-spread use. It offers a certain craft nearness of production without missing the industrial quality standards. Vacuum packers of the BOSS Company guarantee the easy production of attractive and reliable sales packages.

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