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Protection against oxidation has become a main subject within the last few years.

Many companies use our vacuum packers to store metallic products dry and proof against oxygen. To reach this the products which are sensitive to oxygen are vacuum packed in multilayer vacuum bags. The vacuum packaging process in a vacuum bag sealer is simple and it guarantees safe storage conditions. Additional to the classic vacuum packaging it is possible to give the vacuum bag a good rinse with nitrogen. The inert characteristic of the protection gas together with the reduced pressure on the vacuum packed product are ideal for long-term storage.

We find typical fields of application in the following areas: Electronic industry, museums, metal processing industry, wafer storage, silicon packaging, clean room applications, and so on. Vacuum chambers made of high-quality stainless steel and safe sealing systems are the base of a reliable vacuum bag sealer.

Among the best-selling vacuum machines of this kind are the following vacuum packers:

Vacuum bag sealer


Vacuum bag sealer F 46 VA

Vacuum bag sealer

NE 14 VA

Vacuum bag sealer NE 14 VA

As a producer of vacuum packaging machines we are fully equipped to adjust the dimensions of the vacuum packers. Which dimensions are possible shows the following film:

Vacuum bag sealer

By using a top/bottom sealing system it is possible to work with extremely thick multilayer vacuum bags. This special kind of sealing system can be installed in all vacuum packers which are equipped with a stainless steel lid. A perfect transmission of the temperature ensures a high-quality sealing result. The strong sealing pressure guarantees a safe sealing even if the vacuum bag is a little bit soiled.

We coordinate the position of the sealing wires in such a way that there is no obstacle to a safe long-term storage of sensitive parts.

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